Loose Gemstones Diamonds

Our loose gemstones and diamonds site makes it simple for consumers to understand the factors that are involved in the selection of loose gemstones and diamonds. We provide this information so that consumers makes a safe and smart investment. We will examine each gemstone and diamond one by one based on individual properties and characteristics. We will also provide a source for consumers to purchase loose gemstones and diamonds.

Synthetics, imitations, and treatments are the three factors facing diamonds and colored gemstones in todayís market. Failure to provide the right kind of discloser for synthetics, imitations, or treatments could result in a loss of consumer trust and a crumple of the market.

Our loose gemstones and diamonds site will regain any loss of trust by providing in-depth information to the consumer on how to select a quality diamond, the history of diamonds, why diamonds are expensive, how a diamond forms, the four Cís (cut, color, clarity, and carat), and the different forms of treatments (laser drilling, HPHT, irradiation, and coating) that are present in the diamond trade.

We also provide information to consumers on todayís popular colored gemstones including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, larimar, and pearls. We guide the consumer through the process of selecting a top grade colored gemstone based on color, cut, and clarity. Our loose gemstones and diamonds site has vast amounts of information on synthetic gemstones (flame fusion, flux-melt, hydrothermal, pulled, and Chatham) and treatments (fracture filled, heated, and oiling) of gemstones.

Our pearl page describes in detail the factors (size, shape, luster, nacre thickness, blemish, color and matching) that must exist for a top grade pearl, and how to tell if a top grade pearl is a saltwater, freshwater, or an imitation. We provide the consumer with the knowledge on how to properly care for a pearl, and the different treatments that are performed on pearls.

If one is in the market to purchase loose diamonds and gemstones, our show dates page provides information on single, pair, and parcel diamonds and gemstones. Our show dates page also has information on upcoming gemstone and mineral shows where one can purchase loose diamonds and gemstones at affordable prices.

Gemstones and diamonds are high priced pieces of luxury and beauty. So before making a serious investment, trust our loose gemstones and diamonds site for everything one needs to know about loose gemstones and diamonds.